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This Is Love by Demy representing Greece (2017)
Place: 19 (Total Score: 77)
Love Demy Greece 2017
Love City Groove by Love City Groove representing United Kingdom (1995)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 76)
Love City Groove Love City Groove United Kingdom 1995
Love in Rewind by Dino Merlin representing Bosnia and Herzegovina (2011)
Place: 6 (Total Score: 125)
Love in Rewind Dino Merlin Bosnia and Herzegovina 2011
La La Love by Ivi Adamou representing Cyprus (2012)
Place: 16 (Total Score: 65)
Love Ivi Adamou Cyprus 2012
The One That I Love by Chiara representing Malta (1998)
Place: 3 (Total Score: 165)
Love Chiara Malta 1998
If Love Was a Crime by Poli Genova representing Bulgaria (2016)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 307)
Love Was a Crime Poli Genova Bulgaria 2016
LoveWave by Iveta Mukuchyan representing Armenia (2016)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 249)
LoveWave Iveta Mukuchyan Armenia 2016
Love Injected by Aminata representing Latvia (2015)
Place: 6 (Total Score: 186)
Love Injected Aminata Latvia 2015
We Got Love by Jessica Mauboy representing Australia (2018)
Place: 20 (Total Score: 99)
Love Jessica Mauboy Australia 2018
Love Me Tonight by Angelica Agurbash representing Belarus (2005)
Love Me Tonight Angelica Agurbash Belarus 2005
Only Love Survives by Ryan Dolan representing Ireland (2013)
Place: 26 (Total Score: 5)
Love Survives Ryan Dolan Ireland 2013
A Century of Love by Geta Burlacu representing Moldova (2008)
Love Geta Burlacu Moldova 2008
In the Name of Love by Monika Kuszyńska representing Poland (2015)
Place: 23 (Total Score: 10)
Love Monika Kuszyńska Poland 2015
With Love Baby by Witloof Bay representing Belgium (2011)
Love Baby Witloof Bay Belgium 2011
Love or Leave by 4Fun representing Lithuania (2007)
Place: 21 (Total Score: 28)
Love or Leave 4Fun Lithuania 2007
Fly on the Wings of Love by Olsen Brothers representing Denmark (2000)
Place: 1 (Total Score: 195)
Love Olsen Brothers Denmark 2000
One Day Love by Angela Farrell representing Ireland (1971)
Love Angela Farrell Ireland 1971
Love Me Back by Can Bonomo representing Turkey (2012)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 112)
Love Me Back Can Bonomo Turkey 2012
Without Your Love by André representing Armenia (2006)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 129)
Love André Armenia 2006
Love? by Donna and Joseph McCaul representing Ireland (2005)
Love? Donna and Joseph McCaul Ireland 2005
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