'Ajde, kroči by Stevan Faddy representing Montenegro (2007)
A Century of Love by Geta Burlacu representing Moldova (2008)
A cidade (até ser dia) by Anabela representing Portugal (1993)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 60)
A festa da vida by Carlos Mendes representing Portugal (1972)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 90)
A holnap már nem lesz szomorú by Charlie representing Hungary (1998)
Place: 23 (Total Score: 4)
A Little Bit by Nina Åström representing Finland (2000)
Place: 18 (Total Score: 18)
A luta é alegria by Homens da Luta representing Portugal (2011)
A Man Without Love by Kenneth McKellar representing United Kingdom (1966)
Place: 9 (Total Score: 8)
A Matter of Time by Sennek representing Belgium (2018)
A Message to Your Heart by Samantha Janus representing United Kingdom (1991)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 47)
A Million in One, Two, Three by Dream Express representing Belgium (1977)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 69)
A Million Voices by Polina Gagarina representing Russia (2015)
Place: 2 (Total Score: 303)
A Monster Like Me by Mørland representing Norway (2015)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 102)
A-Ba-Ni-Bi by Izhar Cohen representing Israel (1978)
Place: 1 (Total Score: 157)
Aava by Edea representing Finland (1998)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 22)
Absent Friend by Ingvar Wixell representing Sweden (1965)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 6)
Addicted to You by Laura representing Finland (2002)
Place: 20 (Total Score: 24)
Addio, addio by Claudio Villa representing Italy (1962)
Adieu by Jahn Teigen representing Norway (1982)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 40)
Adio by Knez representing Montenegro (2015)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 44)
Adrenalina by Senhit representing San Marino (2021)
Place: 22 (Total Score: 50)
Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim by Ilanit representing Israel (1977)
Aina mun pitää by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät representing Finland (2015)
Al di là by Betty Curtis representing Italy (1961)
Alcohol Is Free by Koza Mostra representing Greece (2013)
Place: 6 (Total Score: 152)
Aldri i livet by Finn Kalvik representing Norway (1981)
Place: 20 (Total Score: 0)
Ale jestem by Anna Maria Jopek representing Poland (1997)
Place: 11 (Total Score: 54)
Algo pequeñito by Daniel Diges representing Spain (2010)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 68)
Algo prodigioso by José Guardiola representing Spain (1963)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 2)
All by Patricia Bredin representing United Kingdom (1957)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 6)
All Kinds of Everything by Dana representing Ireland (1970)
Place: 1 (Total Score: 32)
All Night Long by Simon Mathew representing Denmark (2008)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 60)
All Out of Luck by Selma representing Iceland (1999)
Place: 2 (Total Score: 146)
All to You by The Rounder Girls representing Austria (2000)
Alla andra får varann by Siw Malmkvist representing Sweden (1960)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 4)
Alle mine tankar by Silje Vige representing Norway (1993)
Place: 5 (Total Score: 120)
Alles heeft ritme by Frizzle Sizzle representing Netherlands (1986)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 40)
Allez Ola Olé by Jessy Matador representing France (2010)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 82)
Allons, allons les enfants by Colette Deréal representing Monaco (1961)
Alltid sommer by Lars Fredriksen representing Norway (1998)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 79)
Als het om de liefde gaat by Sandra representing Netherlands (1972)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 106)
Als het weer lente is by Lize Marke representing Belgium (1965)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 0)
Alt det som ingen ser by Kenny Lübcke & Lotte Nilsson representing Denmark (1992)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 47)
Alter Ego by Minus One representing Cyprus (2016)
Place: 21 (Total Score: 96)
Alvedansen by Christine Guldbrandsen representing Norway (2006)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 36)
Always by AySel representing Azerbaijan (2009)
Place: 3 (Total Score: 207)
Amambanda by Treble representing Netherlands (2006)
Amami se vuoi by Tonina Torrielli representing Italy (1956)
Amanece by Jaime Morey representing Spain (1972)
Amanecer by Edurne representing Spain (2015)
Place: 21 (Total Score: 15)
Amar pelos dois by Salvador Sobral representing Portugal (2017)
Place: 1 (Total Score: 758)
Amazing by Tanja Mihhailova representing Estonia (2014)
Amnesia by Roxen representing Romania (2021)
Amnestia na neveru by Elán representing Slovakia (1993)
Amor d'água fresca by Dina representing Portugal (1992)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 26)
Amour on t'aime by Arlette Zola representing Switzerland (1982)
Place: 3 (Total Score: 97)
Amour, amour by Plastic Bertrand representing Luxembourg (1987)
Place: 21 (Total Score: 4)
Amours mortes (tant de peine) by Danièle Dupré representing Luxembourg (1957)
Amsterdam by Maggie MacNeal representing Netherlands (1980)
Place: 5 (Total Score: 93)
An me thimasai by Despina Olympiou representing Cyprus (2013)
Angel in Disguise by Musiqq representing Latvia (2011)
Angel si ti by Miroslav Kostadinov representing Bulgaria (2010)
Angelique by Dario Campeotto representing Denmark (1961)
Place: 5 (Total Score: 12)
Anixi by Sophia Vossou representing Greece (1991)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 36)
Anna Maria Lena by Andy Paul representing Cyprus (1984)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 31)
Another Summer Night by Fabrizio Faniello representing Malta (2001)
Place: 9 (Total Score: 48)
Anouschka by Inge Brück representing Germany (1967)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 7)
Antes do adeus by Célia Lawson representing Portugal (1997)
Place: 24 (Total Score: 0)
Anytime You Need by Hayko representing Armenia (2007)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 138)
Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou representing Greece (2012)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 64)
Apollo by Timebelle representing Switzerland (2017)
Apopse as vrethume by Fani Polymeri and Yiannis Savvidakis representing Cyprus (1989)
Apricot Stone by Eva Rivas representing Armenia (2010)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 141)
April, april by Lill-Babs representing Sweden (1961)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 2)
Aprite le finestre by Franca Raimondi representing Italy (1956)
Après toi by Vicky Leandros representing Luxembourg (1972)
Arcade by Duncan Laurence representing Netherlands (2019)
Place: 1 (Total Score: 498)
Are You Sure? by The Allisons representing United Kingdom (1961)
Place: 2 (Total Score: 24)
Aspro-mavro by Alexia representing Cyprus (1987)
At Va'Ani by Shlomo Artzi representing Israel (1975)
Attention by Vilija Matačiūnaitė representing Lithuania (2014)
Aufrecht geh'n by Mary Roos representing Germany (1984)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 34)
Augustin by Brita Borg representing Sweden (1959)
Place: 9 (Total Score: 4)
Autant d'amoureux que d'étoiles by Annick Thoumazeau representing France (1984)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 61)
Autostop by Anna Vissi representing Greece (1980)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 30)
Autumn Leaves by Daniel Kajmakoski representing Macedonia (2015)
Avanti la vie by Jacques Zegers representing Belgium (1984)
Place: 5 (Total Score: 70)
Aven Romale by representing Czech Republic (2009)
Avrei voluto by Anna Oxa representing Italy (1989)
Place: 9 (Total Score: 56)
Az én apám by Joci Pápai representing Hungary (2019)
¡Ay, qué deseo! by Antonio Carbonell representing Spain (1996)
Place: 20 (Total Score: 17)
À chacun sa chanson by Line and Willy representing Monaco (1968)
À chaque pas by Jonatan Cerrada representing France (2004)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 40)
À force de prier by Nana Mouskouri representing Luxembourg (1963)
À la folie ou pas du tout by Serge and Christine Ghisoland representing Belgium (1972)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 55)