C'est la chanson de mon amour by Véronique Müller representing Switzerland (1972)
C'est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison by Amina representing France (1991)
Place: 2 (Total Score: 146)
C'est ma vie by Evelina Sašenko representing Lithuania (2011)
Place: 19 (Total Score: 63)
C'est peut-être pas l'Amérique by Jean-Claude Pascal representing Luxembourg (1981)
Cake to Bake by Aarzemnieki representing Latvia (2014)
Call Me by Feminnem representing Bosnia and Herzegovina (2005)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 79)
Calm After the Storm by The Common Linnets representing Netherlands (2014)
Place: 2 (Total Score: 238)
Can't Wait Until Tonight by Max representing Germany (2004)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 93)
Candlelight by Csézy representing Hungary (2008)
Canta y sé feliz by Peret representing Spain (1974)
Canzone per te by Sandra Simó representing Switzerland (1991)
Place: 5 (Total Score: 118)
Caracola by Los TNT representing Spain (1964)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 1)
Carry Me in Your Dreams by Kejsi Tola representing Albania (2009)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 48)
Catherine by Romuald representing Luxembourg (1969)
Ce soir je t'attendais by Michèle Torr representing Luxembourg (1966)
Ce soir-là by François Deguelt representing Monaco (1960)
Celui qui reste et celui qui s'en va by Romuald representing Monaco (1974)
Ceol an Ghrá by Sandie Jones representing Ireland (1972)
Chacun pense à soi by Ortal representing France (2005)
Place: 23 (Total Score: 11)
Chain of Lights by Anita Simoncini, Michele Perniola representing San Marino (2015)
Chamar a música by Sara Tavares representing Portugal (1994)
Chameleon by Michela representing Malta (2019)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 107)
Chance of a Lifetime by Pat McGuigan representing Ireland (1968)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 18)
Change by Hotel FM representing Romania (2011)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 77)
Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment by Jürgen Marcus representing Luxembourg (1976)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 17)
Chanteur de charme by Gérard Lenorman representing France (1988)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 64)
Charlie Chaplin by Tania Tsanaklidou representing Greece (1978)
Chcę znać swój grzech... by Kasia Kowalska representing Poland (1996)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 31)
Cheesecake by Teo representing Belarus (2014)
Place: 16 (Total Score: 43)
Chez nous by Dominique Walter representing France (1966)
Chi sarà con te by Massimo Ranieri representing Italy (1973)
Children of the Universe by Molly representing United Kingdom (2014)
Place: 17 (Total Score: 40)
Children, Kinder, Enfants by Franck Olivier representing Luxembourg (1985)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 37)
Ciao, amore by Vlado & Isolda representing Yugoslavia (1984)
Place: 18 (Total Score: 26)
Cielo e terra by Anita Traversi representing Switzerland (1960)
Cinéma by Paola representing Switzerland (1980)
Cipela by Marko Kon, Milan Nikolić representing Serbia (2009)
Circles by Andrea representing North Macedonia (2022)
City Lights by Blanche representing Belgium (2017)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 363)
Cliche Love Song by Basim representing Denmark (2014)
Place: 9 (Total Score: 74)
Clown by Afroditi Frida representing Greece (1988)
Coisas de nada (Gonna Make You Dance) by Nonstop representing Portugal (2006)
Colgado de un sueño by Serafín Zubiri representing Spain (2000)
Place: 18 (Total Score: 18)
Color of Your Life by Michał Szpak representing Poland (2016)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 229)
Colorado by Xandra representing Netherlands (1979)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 51)
Come Back by Jessica Garlick representing United Kingdom (2002)
Place: 3 (Total Score: 111)
Come Back to Stay by Dickie Rock representing Ireland (1966)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 14)
Coming Home
Comme ci, comme ça by Evridiki representing Cyprus (2007)
Comme on s'aime by Anne-Marie Godart and Peter MacLane representing Monaco (1972)
Comme è ddoce 'o mare by Peppino di Capri representing Italy (1991)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 89)
Como tudo começou by Rui Bandeira representing Portugal (1999)
Place: 21 (Total Score: 12)
Complice by Miodio representing San Marino (2008)
Comé-comédie by Betty Mars representing France (1972)
Conquistador by Da Vinci representing Portugal (1989)
Contigo hasta el final by ESDM representing Spain (2013)
Place: 25 (Total Score: 8)
Cool Vibes by Vanilla Ninja representing Switzerland (2005)
Place: 8 (Total Score: 128)
Copycat by Patrick Ouchène representing Belgium (2009)
Corde della mia chitarra by Nunzio Gallo representing Italy (1957)
Could It Be by Georgina representing Malta (1991)
Could It Be That I'm In Love by Kim Jackson representing Ireland (1991)
Place: 10 (Total Score: 47)
Cours après le temps by Svetlana representing Luxembourg (1982)
Place: 6 (Total Score: 78)
Crazy by Franka Batelić representing Croatia (2018)
Crisalide (Vola) by Valentina Monetta representing San Marino (2013)
Crno i belo by Kaliopi representing Macedonia (2012)
Place: 13 (Total Score: 71)
Croire by Lara Fabian representing Luxembourg (1988)
Place: 4 (Total Score: 90)
Cross Your Heart by Tina Reynolds representing Ireland (1974)
Place: 7 (Total Score: 11)
Cry Baby by Jemini representing United Kingdom (2003)
Place: 26 (Total Score: 0)
Cvet z juga by Alenka Gotar representing Slovenia (2007)
Place: 15 (Total Score: 66)
Czarna dziewczyna by Ivan & Delfin representing Poland (2005)
Čaroban by Nina representing Serbia (2011)
Place: 14 (Total Score: 85)
Čežnja by Vice Vukov representing Yugoslavia (1965)
Place: 12 (Total Score: 2)