The Ātea project draws on indigenous protocols and world views to connect Māori to their knowledge, language, culture, histories, stories and to each other. Central to the project we are developing a digital library that provides culturally appropriate access mechanisms to the stored content.

Carving Personal Digital Libraries

National-level DLs provide access to a wealth of information, but do little to support scholars in managing the idenified content over time. This project addresses this shortfall, letting scholars carve out personal digital library of content from these resources, to be used in whatever way they see fit.

Eurovision LOD Digital Library

A Eurovision Song Contest Linked Open Data Digital Library. In this project we explore the relationship between Linked Data and the structural forms of a general purpose digital library. It all starts with a little Sparkle Sparql!

Cell Block HTML

When it comes to spreadsheets, its all about the numbers! Text is relegated to little more than garnishing Cell Block HTML is about rectifying this deficiency, with full HTML rendering capabilities in cells, a full complement of text-string operations, and even text mining operations.